PT. Assami Ananda Mandiri is one of the leading recruitment in Indonesia. With few representatives in Middle East, leading Recruitment Agencies is currently doing business with most of the Middle East and poised for even greater expansion in the global market.

Currently we have developed their institutions of labor supply only half the ordinary into skill, skill and highly skills workforce provider. With assessors and trainers that are qualified and experienced, we will be able to contribute in building Indonesian workers most qualified and competent, to meet the needs of the market.

With work hard, committed and experienced staff, PT. Assami Ananda Mandiri always ready to provide first-class workforce or trainee around the world.

We offer customized service package that best meets and exceeds the needs of the client. The labor market is becoming more global, our experienced and qualified staff can help your organization to maximize it is work force in order to gain maximum output.

Vision & Mission


To be the best in creating, providing, and placing Indonesian Professionals manpower with integrity based, productivity and excellence.


To improve the standard of living, the dignity of Indonesian Manpower which have productive work ethic with these steps:

  • Conduct training and program quality improvement by applying an approach to job competency
  • Renewing training data Developing systems and curriculum training
  • To keep developing human resources
  • Build cooperation with third parties

Scope Service

Our Services



In the Middle East Region, this Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry has been increased rapidly, it has further led to on increase of in the demand of talented candidates who have growth potential and passes a deep and focused understanding of the industry at various levels. With PT. Assami Ananda Mandiri, we can bridge the gap between the talented job seekers and employers in facilitating both their needs. We support and enable both of them to post the resume and retriave it in time saving manner where the recruiters can absorb candidates with high level of professionalism and analytical and innovative approach.

Information Technology


PT. Assami Ananda Mandiri provides the IT jobs worldwide seekers to our job and we as Indonesian Manpower recruitment our focus in the Information, communication and technology industries have necessitated the need for professionally qualified and talented people in the Information Technology (IT) sector. The Industry also encompasses various fields including voice processing units, telephone technology, wireless technology etc. with our in-depth understanding of the industry and our clients, who work as our partners, we are able to provide you the best of the candidates in the industry, within the parameters specified by you. Along with the academic performance, we also lay emphasis on their organizational fit.



PT. Assami Ananda Mandiri involves in various Indonesia Construction recruitment for various projects in locally and internationally. The construction industry today is one of the most dynamic and rapidly advancing sectors in many parts of the regions, especially in Middle East. Firms all over the world are modernizing, applying new technologies and employing more personnel than ever before. Through our rich data base and innovative consultative selling and career management expertise, we are able to service our clients to the best of their satisfaction and in a reasonably small time frame. We are in a position to provide the recruiters with the most appropriate, promising and highly credentialed candidate to meet the specific job requirements in Civil Road and Building Construction Sectors.



Hospitality Industry is vast and extensive. As the global economy is picking up fast, it is witnessing a growing number of opportunities for new comers as well as experienced players. The industry demands skilled candidates with a positive approach towards their specific sector and full conviction in their profile. Hard working people can see their careers rocketing as one can reach the top in a short span of time. We solely focus on placing quality candidates in the hospitality industry throughout the world. We promote the hospitality jobs and serving various industries, ranging from insurance, banking and financial services to travel and leisure, we have the experts from all the sectors who assist in short listing the most suitable candidate, befitting your spesicifications. With our extensive hospitality operations and search experience, we assist recruiters to staff candidates at the staff, management and executive level. We have extensive database of qualified candidates and a broad network of contacts at all levels within the hospitality. Cruise Line and retails industries. We fill all the management and key support position including executives, culinary, regional and district managers, human resource management, marketing personnel, accounting professionals and others.

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